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Nov 27 | Globus Japanese Tea Room

"The Ritual of Kuchikiri 2022"

Japanese Samurai Tea Ceremony

Join us to celebrate the opening ritual of the 2022
tea jar and enjoy the taste of this year's matcha as it
finishes maturing

Time & Location

November 27th

Morning Session 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM
Afternoon Session 2:30 PM – 4:30 PM

Globus Japanese Tea Room

889 Broadway, New York, NY 10003

About the event

November is called the New Year of the tea ceremony, and it is the most important month of the year for Japanese tea ceremony world.

This is because the Kuchikiri ritual takes place.

Kuchikiri is a ritual in which the master of the tea ceremony cuts the mouth of the Chatsubo 茶壷(tea jar) with a sword in front of the guests and takes out the tea leaves inside.

In Japan, tea leaves are plucked in May every year, and after drying, they are packed into the Chatsubo. The tea is then stored in a cool dark place for six months to mature, and then the leaves are taken out for the Kuchikiri ritual in November. After six months of aging in a tea jar, the flavor deepens and the tea leaves turns into a strong umami matcha, just like wine or whiskey.

The tea leaves taken out at the Kuchikiri ritual are served to all participants as Koicha(thick matcha/ formal matcha), and everyone tastes the new tea of the year.

Kuchkiri has been handed down since ancient times as a very important ritual, but nowadays it is rarely performed.

Please join us in celebrating the New Year's Day of tea ceremony world and and enjoy the finest aged matcha together!

Detail of Kuchikiri ritual 口切の儀:

1. Kuchikiri 口切

2. Sumitemae(charcoal laying) 炭手前

3. Congratulatory sweets 祝いの善哉

4. Koicha (thick matcha) 濃茶

5. Usucha (thin matcha) 薄茶

6. Discussion time

  • Explanation of the Kuchikiri Ritual

  • the history of Japanese tea ceremony

  • the relationships of samurai and tea ceremony

  • the spirituality of tea ceremony

  • introduction of the tools that we use

  • question and answer

*The contents are subject to change.

*If you have allergies, vegetarianism, or other dietary requirements, please contact us at least three days prior to the tea ceremony.


Yoshitsugu Nagano

Japanese Tea Ritual Master / Professor of the Ueda Soko school

Yoshitsugu Nagano is the youngest person to be certified in the highest rank of the Ueda Soko school of samurai tea ceremony (USRJWT), which has been practiced in Hiroshima for 400 years, and he serves as a regular professor of the school.

In 2019, he relocated to New York City, where he energetically promotes the spirituality and aesthetics of chanoyu through hosting tea rituals both for public audience and by special arrangement, presenting workshops, and teaching his students. He establishes styles of modern tea, incorporating new expressions into this tradition rooted in Zen.

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