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Dec 10 | Globus Japanese Tea Room

The 500th Anniversary of Rikyū's Birth: Sen Rikyū's Kaiseki Revived

Kaiseki cuisine will be recreated based on the records of tea ceremonies left by Sen Rikyū, who is known as the saint of tea ceremony.

Time & Location

December 10th

1:00 - 4:00 pm

Globus Japanese Tea Room

889 Broadway, New York, NY 10003

About the event

About the event

Sen Rikyū, who founded the world of "Wabicha," hosted countless tea ceremonies up until his passing at 70 years of age. Some records have survived to this day of guests invited to each ceremony, what implements were used in those events and what foods were served. Examining those records, we can tell that Rikyū's kaiseki menu was especially simple and plain with fewer food items than most others. In this event, we will be reproducing Rikyū's kaiseki menu from about 450 years ago based on those records. After the meal, we will also be serving koicha and usucha using implements well connected to Rikyū. Let us experience the world of wabicha that Rikyū explored through kaiseki.

Capacity: 10 people

Fee: $200 (Eventbrite fees will be added.)

Please register in advance if you wish to attend.

Yoshitsugu Nagano

Japanese Tea Ritual Master / Professor of the Ueda Soko school

Yoshitsugu Nagano is the youngest person to be certified in the highest rank of the Ueda Soko school of samurai tea ceremony (USRJWT), which has been practiced in Hiroshima for 400 years, and he serves as a regular professor of the school.

In 2019, he relocated to New York City, where he energetically promotes the spirituality and aesthetics of chanoyu through hosting tea rituals both for public audience and by special arrangement, presenting workshops, and teaching his students. He establishes styles of modern tea, incorporating new expressions into this tradition rooted in Zen.

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